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PCB Secured Visa

Credit cards are quite ubiquitous in consumer’s lives. They offer convenience, easy access, and the opportunity to carry a balance.

PCB Secured Visa Credit Card
Source: PCB Secured Visa Credit Card

PCB Secured Visa is a program specifically designed to help those with bad credit rebuild their credit. It’s a great option for someone who has been turned down by traditional lenders. The credit card offers a low interest rate and a low annual fees.

Furthermore, PCB Secured Visa is a new credit card option with the features you need to build a positive credit history. It’s the best credit card for your first card that you can build a credit history on. It is also a secured credit card that requires a deposit as collateral in order to get the card. The deposit is used to cover any losses or over-the-limit fees that may be incurred.

Benefits of PCB Visa

  • A credit limit between $200 and $1,000

A credit limit of between $200 and $1,000 is the perfect balance between convenience, security and affordability. This is a great option for consumers who want a low-limit card with a low-interest rate but don’t want the hassle of applying for multiple cards.

  • Can increase the credit limit up to $5,000 after a year

PCB Secured Visa offers an opportunity to increase the credit limit up to $5,000 after the first year of service. This is because of the fact that the credit limit is based on a percentage of your credit line. However, it is important to note that credit limit increases are not guaranteed.

  • Perfect for people looking to rebuild their credit scores

People looking to rebuild their credit can use the card to establish credit in a number of ways, such as through a secured credit card or a credit card with a low interest rate. Once you have established a good credit score, you’re able to buy a car, rent an apartment, or even get a loan to start a business.

  • An online account center is available 24/7

PCB Secured Visa is an online account center that gives you access to your account at any time. You can use it for your personal or business needs. When you sign up for PCB Secured Visa, you will be able to use it to make online payments and view your account history anytime, anywhere.

PCB Secured Visa Credit Card
Source: PCB Secured Visa Credit Card
  • The Visa Zero Fraud Liability and Emergency Card Replacement are available

PCB Secured Visa is a low-fee credit card that is backed by Visa. It is a secured credit card with zero fraud liability, and a replacement card is available 24/7 in the event of loss or theft. PCB Secured Visa is a card that is needed if you are a traveling or international professional.

PCB Secured Card Requirements

To ensure a smooth application process for the PCB Secured Visa Card, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Age: Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Security Deposit: A refundable security deposit is required to establish the credit line. The deposit amount may vary based on individual creditworthiness.
  3. Income Verification: Applicants should provide proof of a stable income to determine their ability to manage credit responsibly.
  4. Identification: Valid government-issued identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, is required.
  5. Social Security Number: A valid Social Security number is essential for the application process.

These requirements are in place to assess the applicant’s eligibility and help establish a secure financial foundation.

How to Apply for the Card

Follow these steps to successfully apply for the PCB Visa Card:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the official PCB Secured Card website to access the application portal.
  2. Complete the Online Application: Fill out the online application form with accurate personal and financial information.
  3. Choose Security Deposit: Select the security deposit amount based on your financial capability and the desired credit limit.
  4. Submit Supporting Documents: Upload the required documents, including identification, income verification, and any additional information requested.
  5. Review Terms and Conditions: Carefully review the terms and conditions associated with the PCB Secured Visa Card.
  6. Agree to Terms: Agree to the terms and conditions by electronically signing the application.
  7. Wait for Approval: Once the application is submitted, wait for the approval process to be completed.

Upon approval, you will receive your PCB Secured Visa Card, and your security deposit will determine your initial credit limit.


What is a secured credit card?

A secured credit card requires a security deposit, acting as collateral to establish a credit line. It’s an excellent option for those looking to build or rebuild credit.

How long does it take to get approved for the PCB Visa Card?

Approval times vary, but applicants typically receive a response within a few business days after submitting a complete application.

Can I increase my credit limit over time?

Yes, as you demonstrate responsible credit management, you may qualify for a credit limit increase. The option is often available after a period of responsible card use.

Is the security deposit refundable?

Yes, the security deposit is fully refundable when you close the account with a zero balance, provided all outstanding balances and fees are paid.

Editorial Note: Update on PCB Secured Visa: The PCB Secured Visa card has ceased accepting new applications. However, existing cardholders can rest assured as they continue to enjoy the existing benefits of their card. This change does not affect the privileges and advantages currently available to them.

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